Look there is a deer
Hello, thanks for visiting my blog and I hope you have a great day :) I go by the name of yuseirra/yuu/yuse/yusei, or sometimes, huuu :3c I'm happy with people giving me different nicknames so if you want to call me otherwise please go ahead! 
This is Mostly a personal & kagepro blog, (I rarely make text posts though) although I reblog many many different things I find pretty.
I GOT HIT HARD BY HXH FEELS I CAN'T BELIEVE IT JUST HIT ME AND LEFT so maybe expect a little more of it? ;v;/ I like the gray garden/wadanohara as well!
I doodle sometimes too! (please treat me kindly I'm not as good ;v;) 
The transparent floating seto head I'm using as an icon is made by nina (nina-rd) thank you it's adorable :) :) :)
The sidebar image and the background image used in my blog are drawn by the amazing shidu!
Last but not least, theme credit and layout: moonfangs & infiniterhapsody (Kat and Krista)

Kagerou Project Gangnam style….! +_+ I laughed all the way while watching this :P

Tumblr doesn’t seem to embed this video well so you may have to click the video twice to see it in another tab…but it’s TOTALLY WORTH IT!!! Believe me, I don’t say things like this often :)

Okay I really really wanted to share this with everyone after I found this video.

The creator did mention it could be embedded if you credit him(her?) so I’m guessing this’ll be fine. I’ve left a comment and if the orginal creator doesn’t like me doing this I’ll have to erase this post though…;A; BUT THIS WAS SO COOOL….!!!!!!


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